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Could Your Website Have Mistakes?

Be SEO smart. Don’t get caught out!

Here are 5 mistakes your website could contain!

Is your company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) up to scratch? Getting it right is essential if you want your company to be successful, which I’m guessing you do right? But, you may be shocked at the amount of companies that get it wrong. Don’t make the same mistakes. This could seriously damage YOUR search engine ranking and marketing efforts. So don’t be lazy and cut corners! To help you and your company, our SEO expert Mark at GobbleSEO, has put together a list of five of the most common SEO mistakes, and how to avoid them. Be SEO smart, and gobble up your competition:
1. Keyword overuse “Keyword needs to be keyword every chance keyword can be used as a keyword so the keyword maybe a keyword too many and too many keyword or too few keyword with keyword stuffing and keyword in every keyword is too many keyword spots for keyword to be a natural keyword”.
Avoid a Google slap… Keep it natural. It’s important to have your keyword in your website title and description and a 1-2% ratio within content.
2. Content duplication In other words, copying content from your site onto different pages. This might seem like a good way to fill up pages (oh and save some time) but remember, don’t be lazy! It will only have a negative effect on your SEO as Google penalises sites that do not use unique content.
3. Title tag and meta description duplication Every web page must have a unique title. The result? It will make your page a lot more interesting and easier to share on social media. It shouts out to the user, “hey I’m over here, I’m what you’re looking for” and improves your SEO of course. The same applies to meta descriptions too. If they are all the same, this can confuse users and affect your SEO.
4.Not using analytics If your development and marketing teams have spent time and money working on SEO, you must be able to analyse the results. A good analytics program will tell you which areas of the website are optimised and which are not, so you can identify areas of improvement. Make sure you configure both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to your site, and always remember to  run a check on your content every week to ascertain what is and is not working.
5. Plagiarism “Copy and paste” as we might call it. Content from another website is a no go and did I mention it is illegal? Yes it is, it’s harmful for your business and harmful for your SEO if Google finds out. Creating unique content may seem like an burdensome task, but believe me, its great for your SEO score! Remember what we said “Don’t be lazy”. Google loves websites that contain interesting,unique, useful and original content. So be SEO smart and make sure your website is up to scratch.
We hope this has helped you to identify any SEO mistakes in your company’s website. GobbleSEO experts work hard to ensure all our client SEO is at it’s best… we wouldn’t settle for any less!

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