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Google My Business What is it?

As a local business you realise the importance of being found online, that is your business shows up online when someone searches for your services.

When we talk about Local Business we are referring to a business that is local to where you live. So if you live in Liverpool and are looking for a plumber and find a plumber based in Liverpool, that is a Local Business.

Now, if you go online and search for a plumber in Liverpool you will see the results showing all plumbers that are listed in Liverpool. Listed with who?

Google has created a great tool to help Local Businesses be found in their area. Its more of a one stop shop for local businesses looking to increase their visibility with Google Search, Google Maps.

Once you access your Google My Business page you can access all the features from there.  The cost? Nothing. That is correct there is no charge for you to list your business in Google.  So what features do we get in Google My Business.

Google My Business Features

There are many features to Google My Business that I don’t want to get into in this post, ill follow up this post with a series of posts about the many features of Google My Business and the Google My Business App.

Google My Business

To start with we will cover the basics. First thing you need to do is follow these quick set up steps:

  • Go to
  • Select or create the Google account you want to use or create
  • Search for your Business – If you cant find your business select None of these Match and Add your Business
  • Once you’ve found or created your business location and type click on it
  • Google will now create your Google + page with the address you inputted, then click “I am authorised to manage this business” then click on it
  • Now you will need to verify your business, so you will need to click on “Mail my code” and Google will send the code to your business address.
  • You now have Google My Business set up! Give you self a pat on the back.
  • When your code arrives in the mail the instructions are on the inside and very easy to follow.

Updating your Google My Business Profile

Updating your Google My Business profile is easy. If you’ve ever set up Facebook Instagram or any other Social page it’s just the same.

To begin with, click Add A Profile photo to your account. Not difficult this one just click “Add Profile Photo” then choose a profile picture you want to use to represent your business.

Tip: Don’t use your cat.

Next you can add details about your business. This will be your business hours, contact information, your website, and any other additional photos of your business.

Once done, click “Done Editing”

Congratulations in order here, you have now set up your Google My Business Page. Your profile is on and part of Google My Business and now potential customers can find you.

Why Use Google My Business

So having looked at the features of Google My Business and we have gone through set up you maybe wondering, Why should I bother using Google My Business. Maybe you’ve never really heard of it and will wonder that your potential customers too wouldn’t of heard about it, so what’s the point.

Besides being a free tool, which you don’t find many of those in business, Google My Business is a great tool to manage your presence on Google across all of their platforms such as search and maps.

Interact With Customers

By having a Google My Business page your customers will easily find you when searching for your services. When they do find you, with Google My Business you can easily interact with your customers.

Whether using desktop or the Google My Business App you can easily manage all of your businesses services. If this is all correct up to date and verified then this makes your business more reputable with your customers and with Google. They see you as a real business.

A feature of Google My Business is your customers ability to leave reviews but also you can reply to them. Interaction isn’t just for reviews as adding photos to your business will drive more customers to you.

Google has confirmed that those business that add maps to their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses that don’t.

Understand your Customer Experience

You can see how your customers searched for your business, and where they are coming from. You also get to see how many customers called your business directly from the phone number listed in Google My Business in the local search.

Go Mobile

At the point of writing this I am looking around at what people are doing.  They are on their mobiles.  Have a go, if your in a busy traffic area have a look people are looking at their mobiles.

Google My Business

This is excellent news for your business. Google My Business has an app. With this app you can update your business profile on the move but also your next customer can easily access your business through the app.

We hope you now have an understanding of what Google My Business is. As a business owner you will no doubt now realise the importance of having your business on Google My Business.

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