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Local SEO – Snack Pack how to get in it

What is the Google Snack Pack

If you’re unsure as to what we are talking about, the image below explains it.  The Snack Pack in Google is the top 3 map results that appear when you search for a local business.  In this case a plumber. The results shown have changed from 7 to 3 so thats why they call it the snack pack.

Snack Pack

The reason for the change was Google adapting to mobile search. 3 Packs fit perfectly into the mobile screen.

No matter what you search for it is the 3 results in the Snack Pack that take up the mobile screen space.  Along with the ma it makes the user experience much more better than before. The look on both mobile and desktop is a close as its ever been so not too much change happening.

How Do We Get In The Snack Pack

There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that you get into the snack pack.

Step 1

Optimise Google My Business

First of all you need to make sure that your Google My Business page is setup correctly and correctly optimised.

Step 2


Reviews do play a huge part in getting your business listed in the Snack Pack.  Looking at the screenshot of the snack pack results for Plumber London Bridge, notice the reviews. 3RD place has 0 reviews, 2nd place has 2 reviews and the top result has 18 reviews, so clearly the amount of reviews you have on your Google My Business page plays a huge part in your snack pack ranking.

If you don’t have the 5 reviews it takes ti get the stars that you need then you will have to get some reviews.  That could mean going back to customers and asking them for a review or start collecting reviews or even asking friends and family to review your business.

To work out how many reviews you will need we don’t need to guess. Put your search in for your business, look at the results, see how many reviews they have and how many stars and then….go and beat them, get more.  Its that simple.

Step 3

Domain Authority (DA)

We need to raise the Domain Authority of our How do we raise the authority of our Domain? Domain Authority is a metric used by Moz to see how authoritative a site is. How then do we raise the domain authority of our site or a client site?

We can do this by getting links (backlinks) from sites with high Domain Authority (DA).

Some of the best links we can get for a higher ranking in Google Snack pack are. Geo (Geography) Modifiers. Geo Modifiers are Niche + Location so Plumber (niche) London Bridge (geo modifier).

Where can we get links from? Some of the best Geo Modifier links can come from local charities or directories we can place our link on their site. Also citations are a great way of building Geo Modifier links.  All help with the Snack Pack ranking.

Maybe your looking for the rest of the content, thinking this would be a difficult process. But that is it, nothing to complicated. If you go through these steps then you should see your business appear in the snack pack soon.


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