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New Case Study

New Website Case Study

Welcome to our latest case study.  This is a new feature of Gobble SEO were we help someone to create their very own website or blog, and rank it top of Google because as we have been telling you, thats what we do!  So we shall show you and keep you updated.

Our latest web design and SEO project is This is a travel blog about….travel.

After some lengthy discussions with the bloggers themselves, we gained an idea of what their goal and end product wanted to look like.

It was clear to us that it wasn’t going to be your average travel website such as travel experts Lonely Planet. The client wanted things doing a little different. It was going to be more of a travel blog, not just telling their travel story, but also a story of how everyone can travel with their tips and tricks.

So this was a first. Telling a story about two people’s journeys. Because normally, we aim our services at local businesses and promoting products. But here comes the change we had in mind.

We decided that this project was going to be a huge platform for our business. It became apparent that this new project was going to be a springboard, a new direction for Gobble SEO!

New Beginnings

The new direction was going to be more educational rather than offering direct services.

How so?

Usually, a business would come to us for help with their business marketing. Either by building a new website or to market their business via our SEO technical skills.

However, on this occasion, since being approached by our new clients Laura & James, we’ve decided now is the time to educate businesses and individuals on how best to market their business.

How did it come about?

To gain a greater insight in to what the blog was going to be about, we sat down with James & Laura (in Starbucks of course) and discussed strategies.

This is where we say for instance…

One of the key ideas of the site was going to be how to find cheap flights.

After taking this on board and some initial thought, we explained that the site will require a substantial amount of posts.

So that’s all for the introduction of this new blog site project.

What we are hoping to do whilst helping them to build their blog, through the medium of this site, we will document their journey and show you how to grow your business.

This is the best way to exploit our services.

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